Our area, spanning Romagna and Tuscany, has a rich cultural tradition, so that cities of historic and artistic interest are close enough for half-day or full-day excursions. We can arrange transportation or you can hire a car to go to Ravenna to see the world's most famous Byzantine mosaics (60km), to Florence (80km), to Bologna (80km) and to Faenza, for its famous ceramics museum and beautiful square and markets (30km). If you feel like taking a swim in the Adriatic Sea, Rimini and its famous beaches are less than an hour away.

We can also organize visits to the famous "Villa Emaldi" in Faenza, where the Countess Antonietta Mazzotti Emaldi creates hand-made ceramics to order and ships them throughout the world. You will be able to follow the process of making ceramics, while you can buy items made here in the lovely shop in the villa. Besides, in the splendid conservatory studio of the Villa Emaldi, we can organize courses, of a day or more, where the Countess will teach you how to make and decorate ceramics.

Tredozio is a friendly village with a handsome piazza beside the river, and restaurants, bars, shops, weekly markets and regular festivals. If you wish to add a gourmet experience to your holiday, we can arrange a personalized course in Italian cuisine conducted by Pierluigi Gentilini, who recently retired as chef-patron of his Michelin-rated restaurant in Tredozio, Il Mulino di San Michele. This can be in the splendid kitchen of La Collina or at your villa.

Shoe-making has long been a local industry, and the tradition of custom-made footwear continues at the family business of Stivali Fabbri, which has been operating in Tredozio since 1924. By appointment, Stivali Fabbri opens its workshops to our guests, to demonstrate the handcraft skills involved in making bespoke walking and golf shoes, and the company's proudest product - riding boots.

A one-day trip to the world-famous car museums of Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati can also be set up for the fans. Such museums are all in the surroundings of Modena and will allow time to visit the famous Modena Cathedral and the Museum’s Palace where you can admire the important collection of artworks by Giuseppe Graziosi (1879-1942) grandfather of Countess Maria Teresa Vespignani Boselli and a main painter and sculptor of Italian 20th century Realism.

For music lovers, chamber music and jazz concerts are held in the historic Palazzo Fantini in Tredozio. Last but not least, a unique geological event: at about 4 miles from the village you will see ‘vulcanino.’ the smallest volcano in the world, which has been erupting here since the 16th century and which is well worth a visit.

Instead nearby in the central square named after Jacopo Vespignani, it is possible to see the plaque with bas-relief which recalls the famous Tredozio born man Faustino Perisauli (1450-1523), an ecclesiastical humanist who with his poem De triumpho stultitiae took his place in history as the forerunner of Erasmus from Rotterdam. His work in fact is extraordinarily similar to In praise of Folly which the Dutch man of learning wrote about twenty years later.

In the literary realms, though a completely different genre: there is no inscription to inform passers-by but Tredozio boasts that it had among its citizens the man who inspired one of the most famous novels of the twentieth century, Lady Chatterley’s Lover, written by the Englishman David Herbert Lawrence in the second half of the 1920’s. This man is called Angelo Ravagli and with his passionate love story with Mrs Frieda Lawrence he inspired the character of the hot-blooded gamekeeper (a quick search in internet provides details which are undoubtedly “interesting”).